guitars, drum machines, and synthesizers from every era, basses, drums, pianos, ukeleles, banjos, agogo bells, shakers, rainsticks, modular synth explosion, organs, vibraphones, marimbas, glockenspiels, toy pianos, ancient pump organs, melodicas, autoharps, harmonicas, kazoos, chimes, cowbells, theremins, tambourines, circuit bent wizardry, a zillion guitar pedals, spring reverbs, tape echos, tape machines, samplers, loads of handmade electronic whatzits, upright basses, flutes, 10 god dam rototoms, rhodes 76, wurlitzer 200a, clavinet d6, hammond b3, jaw harp, old tube amps, zithers, and something else or 2 probably by the time you read this because obviously i'm an instrument addict.

all living happily in a recording studio stuffed with incredible outboard gear dating from the 60s to the future, world class microphones, huge live and tiny dead rooms, and a zillion colorful wires.